While I was familiar with psycho-therapy, I was new to hypno-therapy and slightly skeptical. Sakura showed patience and skill working with my over analytical mind to get me hypnotized. Once there, she helped me to identify different root causes for an issue that has plagued me most of my adult life. In the weeks following the single session, I slowly felt my behaviors change and what used to be a hindrance was much less so.

— Peter

I have struggled with a fear of flying for years and tried many different modalities to help. Sakura was very kind and helpful and I knew I could trust her to give hypnotherapy a try. I had tried hypnotherapy before but found it to be stressful as I was guided to face my fears at a pace that bought up much pain and angst and didn’t really help in the long run. Hypnotherapy with Sakura was very different…relaxing and went at a pace and style that helped me face my fears confidently and safely, knowing she was there with me, gently helping me through some really fun, non-threatening techniques that helped put a spotlight on my fear without living thru trauma of it under hypnosis. It was great! I’ve just flown for a vacation across the country and I can honestly say this is the first time I felt I could relax thru the turbulence and I referred to her helpful techniques to keep me relaxed the whole flight. It was fantastic!

— Jane H.-Sammamish, WA

With just a couple of visits, Sakura already started achieving my goals of reducing fine lines and blackheads on my skin.  The treatments, along with her recommended home regiment, eliminated the uncomfortable dryness that I felt prior to seeing her.

Sakura delivers a relaxing experience that rivals high-end spas – and at a fraction of the price.  The lack of spa-overhead (check-in, difficult parking, contrived personalization, etc.) and quality service makeSakura an easy recommendation to my friends.

— Peter

Going to Sakura’s Skin Shoppe is the best choice I’ve made for my skin. I have rosacea, and after years of frustration was convinced nothing could possibly improve my appearance. I saw Sakura and was happily surprised by her knowledge and expertise. She uses highly effective treatments that brought out healthy skin I didn’t even know I had, and her skincare and makeup line are both amazing and great for my sensitive condition. I can honestly say I have never looked better!

— Megan

I’ve been a client of Sakura’s for a couple of years now. She is really in tune with what my skin needs and customizes my facials accordingly. Each visit is an hour of relaxation that leaves my skin glowing and me feeling energized. Thanks Sakura.

— L. Pakzad

I go to Sakura not only when my skin needs her, but also when I need a little retreat. The trip is far, but it’s SO worth it. Over an hour of cozy, tactile pampering. I love the arm massage, and the hot mask treatment for my hands while she does her magic on my skin. Also, I like that Sakura cares to add a touch of makeup when I leave – so I don’t look like I just woke up.

— Lindsay