SPF in Seattle Although fall is here and the sun in Seattle is slowly fading away, it does not mean it’s time to put the sunblock away. Even though the clouds hover, the sun’s harsh UVA and UVB rays are still pushing through. Not too mention the damage one gets from working inside the office or even shopping at the mall under the fluorescent lights.

Women that are pregnant are even more susceptible to hyperpigmentation or brown spots, also called “melasma” or “cholasma” , due to the heightened levels of hormones. Some of this hormonally induced hyperpigmentation fades after pregnancy, and some times it remains.

One should wear a SPF of at least a 20 or higher right now in Seattle, but if you are planning on traveling to a warm paradise or a winter wonderland remember to up the SPF to a 30 or higher and to reapply every 2 hours. The sun is hotter the closer you get to the Equator and snow is very reflective of the sun’s rays and can nearly double the UV strength. Remember the sun is hottest between 10AM-4PM.

The sun accounts for 90% of skin damage which includes hyperpigmentation, melasma, cholasma, broken capillaries, hypopigmentation(a lightening of the skin), fine lines and wrinkles, sunburn and in the worse case scenario, skin cancer. Not all of these surface right away so don’t think you got off free and clear when you forgot to wear your SPF those times before.
Most importantly, please apply sunblock to your loved ones especially your little ones, and that you are leading by example. Protect and prevent by using an all-in-one day time moisturizer with SPF. Try SkinCeuticals Daily SPF 20, or Ultimate UV 30, or GLO Therapeutics Protecting SPF 30 available at Sakura Skin and Mind.