Sakura's Hypnotherapy Rates


$85/one hour | $160/two hour


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful and effective client-centered technique which lends discovery and or exploration to the various reasons relating to or contributing to the issues a client would like to address.   Hypnotherapy much like meditation is an altered transpersonal state of healing but much more direct.  As a hypnotherapist, I will be putting the client into a trance state in order to allow for the individual to access the subconscious mind and in turn achieve deep and sustainable change.

What is Trance?

Trance is an altered state of consciousness, and is a naturally occurring state.  One experiences trance almost daily, for example when driving along the highway and not remembering how they got to their destination.  In addition, doing things from habit is trance.

Trance used in hypnotherapy allows an individual to be less in the trance of everyday society and instead achieve an expanded perspective of themselves and the world around them.  Although trance used in hypnotherapy is an extremely relaxed -state, it is still one where the individual is most in control.  When an individual is in trance they have the best communication with their unconscious mind, so ultimately they have full control over their bodily functions and emotions.  They can access forgotten or blocked memories and control suggestions received.  An individual having hypnotherapy will still be fully aware of their surroundings and verbal communication said in session.

What to expect after Hypnotherapy?

Expect to feel completely relaxed and refreshed after being hypnotized.  Expect to fully remember everything that was said both by you and me.  Expect things to continue to change after a hypnotherapy session as the subconscious mind will still continue to relay messages to your conscious mind and help to manifest change in your life.

Remember as well, that certain issues can take more than one session to overcome and not to get discouraged or feel failure if things have not completely overturned after one session.  After all, many behaviors, fears, pains, and emotions have been rooted for many years and to expect one session to reprogram can be unrealistic, especially if the root of the issue has never been addressed before.

What issues can be addressed in the Hypnotherapy sessions?

  • Weight-loss
  • Adult Trauma
  • Stress
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Chronic Pain
  • Relationship Issues
  • Anxiety
  • Life/Career changes
  • Grief
  • Depression/Self-Esteem
  • Skin Issues
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Desired Growth/Behavior
  • Transitions
I have struggled with a fear of flying for years and tried many different modalities to help. Sakura was very kind and helpful and I knew I could trust her to give hypnotherapy a try. I had tried hypnotherapy before but found it to be stressful as I was guided to face my fears at a pace that bought up much pain and angst and didn’t really help in the long run. Hypnotherapy with Sakura was very different… relaxing and went at a pace and style that helped me face my fears confidently and safely, knowing she was there with me, gently helping me through some really fun, non-threatening techniques that helped put a spotlight on my fear without living thru trauma of it under hypnosis. It was great! I’ve just flown for a vacation across the country and I can honestly say this is the first time I felt I could relax thru the turbulence and I referred to her helpful techniques to keep me relaxed the whole flight. It was fantastic! Can’t thank Sakura enough!!
Jane H., Sammamish, WA


* All cancellations require a 24 hour notice. If no notice is given, fees apply.