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Removing Emotional Blocks

Another alternative to Hypnotherapy is Spiritual Response Therapy. Developed by Robert Detzler, Spiritual Response Therapy or SRT was an adaptation of Response Therapy founded by Dr. Cameron and Dr. Clark in the 1980’s. Adapted from hypnotherapy, Dr. Cameron and Dr. Clark did scientific study and research on the power of the subconscious mind by using a pendulum to ask questions of the subconscious mind regarding blocks to happiness and overall a fulfilled life experience. Robert Detzler having worked with Dr. Cameron and Dr. Clark, felt there was a big connection between the subconscious mind and spirituality and through his […]

SPF in Seattle

Although fall is here and the sun in Seattle is slowly fading away, it does not mean it’s time to put the sunblock away. Even though the clouds hover, the sun’s harsh UVA and UVB rays are still pushing through. Not too mention the damage one gets from working inside the office or even shopping at the mall under the fluorescent lights.

Women that are pregnant are even more susceptible to hyperpigmentation or brown spots, also called “melasma” or “cholasma” , due to the heightened levels of hormones. Some of this hormonally induced hyperpigmentation fades after pregnancy, and some times […]

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Aging

You have heard the saying; “The apple does not fall far from the tree.” Everyone possesses some of the same physical characteristics of their mother or father. Look at your mother or father, and know that their genes will lend to how quickly and noticeably you will age.

Intrinsic aging has a lot to do with the genes we were given to determine the rate at which our tissue will degenerate. This process is irreversible and inevitable unlike the other more profound type of aging; Extrinsic aging.

Extrinsic aging, also called “photoaging”, is aging due to exposure to outside factors including […]

What Is P.H.?

PH is short for “Potential of Hydrogen.” It is a measurement of Hydrogen Ions.

Hydrogen, as you all know, is a major building block of all organisms and since our skin is made up of 70% water it requires us to have a more acidic skin PH in order to retain more hydrogen. When acidic, hydrogen is released, and when alkaline, hydrogen is removed. In fact, most body functions only occur at certain levels of acidity or alkalinity, so one minor change in PH can throw off the body. Most organs function best at neutral or slightly alkaline at almost a PH 8. Skin, […]

Healing Chronic Skin Disease through Hypnotherapy

Over the last 20 years there has been a definite rise in chronic skin diseases.  According to The Open Infectious Disease Journal (published 2012), chronic skin conditions are affecting 20-30% of a population at one time.  Many of these diseases in the past formed at an adult age but now they are more prevalent at infancy or even young adolescent. Aside from beliefs of a genetic transfer of disease in the womb, many believe our food, water, and prescription side-effects may also be to blame. These chronic skin inflammations include but are not limited to; acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, […]