Sakura Sutter
Sakura is a licensed clinical esthetician. She graduated from Pivot Point International in Chicago and has been working on skin since 2001. Her skincare expertise has primarily resulted from collaborating with some of Washington’s finest plastic surgeons, dermatologists and cosmetic nurses. She has also been educated on lasers, having performed laser hair removal, IPL, and also radio-frequency for cellulite in multiple medi-spas. Coming from a clinical background, Sakura is very aware of the skin disorders and diseases on the rise, as well as the current cosmetic medical procedures available to the client. Sakura strives to help people address their skincare concerns in a more clinical manner while providing an intimate, pampering experience at an affordable rate. Sakura is also very accommodating, offering a more flexible schedule for her clients – making herself available for immediate contact. That being said, at Sakura Skin and Mind the client will find their experience not only more personable, but also more informative, and will leave feeling results immediately.

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Going to Sakura’s Skin Shoppe is the best choice I’ve made for my skin. I have rosacea, and after years of frustration was convinced nothing could possibly improve my appearance. I saw Sakura and was happily surprised by her knowledge and expertise. She uses highly effective treatments that brought out healthy skin I didn’t even know I had, and her skincare and makeup line are both amazing and great for my sensitive condition. I can honestly say I have never looked better!

— Megan